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GameSync Consulting


Receive expert, one-on-one guidance on how to start a new esports gaming business (or grow an existing one) from CEO Agragati Siegel, an industry pioneer who has served hundreds of center owners globally.


GameSync Esports Performance Training


Esports is a booming field. Most gamers would like to go pro if given the opportunity, but there is a lack of resources and tools aspiring athletes need to take their game to the next level. That’s where we come in, with customized coaching and mental skills training for individuals, teams & coaches.


Shop: GameSync Gear

Our team of gamers couldn’t find products we’d like to wear, so we made our own! With a complete line of inspired designs for the global gaming and esports community, there’s something in store for everyone.


GameSync Esports Center


Known as San Diego’s “Mecca of Gaming”, the first purpose-built 1 GIG fiber esports center in the city has served tens of thousands of casual, serious and hardcore gamers since 2012.


GameSync Camp


An immersive experience using gaming as the tool to make learning fun! Unlock socialization, cooperation, goal setting, and more, with our one-of-a-kind program.


GameSync PC


Are you tired of lag and poor performance ruining your gaming experience? Do you want a gaming PC that not only looks amazing but also delivers an unbeatable experience? With decades of experience, we’ve perfected the art of customized PC gaming builds.


GameSync Discord


Over 8,000 members! Meet other gamers, join tournaments or teams, learn about esports, discuss the gaming scene, and more! You can also chat a coach about our mental skills training services in #free-consultation.


GameSync Events


We craft and execute gaming experiences for any audience. From virtual birthday parties, youth groups & after school activities, to turn-key online esports productions, we’ve got you covered.


GameSync Studios


GameSync Studios is the leading independent production company for esports. We cover the gaming world and create engaging stories.


GameSync Cloud

A virtual, cloud based system for gaming, available worldwide.

About the founder

agragati siegel

The visionary behind GameSync, Agragati is a former child actor, writer and non-profit server who has developed his own companies for over 30 years. His previous startup was a technical support & solutions firm (1999-2014). He pivoted into gaming and opened his first retail location in 2012. Agragati now provides consulting to aspiring esports center owners worldwide full-time. He has worked directly for hundreds of companies as well as crafted groundbreaking online and local competitive gaming tournaments.

A selection of Agragati’s TV news appearances is below.

We live stream our own tournaments and events, as well as those for our customers, on the Twitch.tv platform. Broadcasts include live commentary complete with a behind-the-scenes production team including a producer and in-game observers. Our broadcasts have been sponsored by endemic brands such as HyperX, Steelseries, DXRacer, Turismo Racing, Bawlz, Dreamseat, and more. 

Local TV News Features

We Partner with Esports Pros

We have support from some of the biggest names in the industry including San Diego’s own global celebrity Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert of Cloud 9 and Counter-Strike (CS:GO) fame.

Join Our Team!

We’re always looking for aspiring, passionate people to partner up with in any capacity (gigs, part/full time, interns). If you have experience with events, marketing, business development, streaming/casting, tournament administration and organization, community building, or you feel you can contribute in other ways, contact us!

Join our Discord with 8,000+ members! Chat with a coach about our mental skills training, join teams & tournaments, meet other players, and more.

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For esports performance services, message us in #free-consultation

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We’ve got our hand on the pulse of the gaming scene and can bring awareness of your products to our local and global audience. Our gaming center doubles as a showroom, creating a unique opportunity for our customers to see, touch and use your products in the real world. Our online events services and live streaming broadcasts reach all kinds of target markets & demographics.

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